April 21, 2014 6:00pm

newcastle_01I got up at sunrise and broke camp before the rangers showed up so I ended up camping for three days for free. Every time they would show up, they walked right past me like I was invisible. Maybe they thought my tent was a child’s toy, being so small or perhaps they were going for the big ticket items first and just ran out of time before addressing me. The fees are $10 per adult and $5 per child so most of the campers had to cough up $60 or more per night. I was probably small potatoes to the national forest service. Or…. I could just be lucky!
I cycled the 10k back to the Lakes Road and then another 5k to Highway A1 south. I was looking for a McDonalds so I could contact Luc & Will but no luck. Also, my cellphone needs a charge and the IPad was dead. I ate lunch at a rest area; a meat pie and two cups of tea because I had run out of instant coffee. Looking at the map I noticed that there were no state or national parks along the route and three days of rough camping was taking its toll on me. I had begun to smell pretty ripe and had a four days growth of beard. At 75k I cycled past a small caravan park off the A1 and asked the price of a tent site. It was $20 and included a power tap for recharging all my batteries and plenty of hot water in the shower room. I took it.  There is no WiFi but as soon as the cell phone is charged I will try to call the guys in Israel.

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