Morisset Australia

April 23, 2014 3:00pm

Australia_MorissetI left the Wangi Wangi point campground at 9:00am and headed in the direction of Freeman’s state campground. I stopped in Morisset at a local park and had some tea and tuna with crackers. A local was sitting on the bench drinking a beer so I asked where the nearest McDonalds was. He said only about two blocks down on the right across from the show grounds. I had heard that some show grounds allow camping so I figured I’d check it out if the Freeman’s didn’t work out. At McDonalds I emailed Luc & Will and read their emails. They both have reoccurring bouts of headaches and flu like symptoms and I am concerned that it may be malaria or west Nile fever. I wish they would get better quickly. I checked the website for Freeman’s and saw that their rates had gone up to $24 per night. Too rich for my blood and budget so I changed the direction of my route to follow the 111 old Sydney highway straight south. While I was in the neighborhood I asked about the rates at the show grounds. They were only $15 per night which was the lowest I had seen all week outside of free camping. They have hot showers, tap water and some power outlets. The weather forecast for the next few days calls for rain so I think I’ll stay here a while and be able to easily communicate with the guys in Israel from the McDonalds a block up the hill.


I cycled back into town to a Woolworths grocery store and bought 1/2 a broiled chicken and some Lebanese pita bread. The pita lasts longer and is easier to transport without smashing it.

I also found a tiny frying pan for $4 so I’ll have fresh eggs for breakfast. Here’s a photo of my enhanced kitchen outfit.

australia_kitchenI just spoke to Will on the phone. He is going to get a malaria checkup at the hospital in Jerusalem on Friday. I hope all goes well with the visit but I know from reading that it is best to catch these ailments early on before they run down your body and cause major complications. Hopefully this is only a local flu or virus and can be cured easily.



I found a brand new black baseball cap with the sales sticker still on it in the middle of the road on my way back from McDonalds so there’s the answer to my visor dilemma. I sized it to fit inside my helmet and it works great for keeping the sun off my nose and cheeks.

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