Morisset 2

April 24, 2014 7:00am
Australia_Morisset2I slept warm but kept waking up during the night worrying about the guys. The showers here are really primitive and funky but there is plenty of hot water which is a major plus. After my shower, I returned to the tent and cooked up some eggs and lamb sausage which was on sale for $3 for 8 large sausages. I wish Luc & Will were here to help me eat them. The new frying pan worked great. Australia has so many birds that it is impossible to sleep past 5:30 in the morning. The birds make a racket with every sort of call imaginable including one that sounds like a siren and a few that sound like loud screeching and caws. There are also hundreds of whistle variations. Australia236A local man informed me that the reason there are so many bird species in New South Wales is because they have come north to escape the drought down south. There are supposed to be 280 species of birds in this area. Here is a photo of a brush turkey running by the camp.

I plan on resting for another hour or so and then cycling up to McDonalds to check my email. I also want to check online prices for AmTrac trains leaving Los Angeles compared to bus fares. Once all three of us get back to California we need to find cheap transportation to Florida.

Australia235I checked the train prices and even with the discounts the rates are over $1000 dollars for three people. I guess we will need to take the bus to Florida.

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