Cable Separators

davincieasysplit.jpgEasy-Split in-line cable separators are used on both shifter cables and one brake cable to allow easy separation of these when the S&S connected bicycle is uncoupled.  Once these are installed all that is needed to separate the cables is a simple twisting motion to unscrew them. All the adjustments for both the deraileurs and brake stay in tact and the cables re-attach as easily as they are separated. DavinciEasy-splitdiagramThe only drawback is you need two sets of cables for the initial install but if you are using the Xtracycle FreeRadical frame, the cables need to be oversized anyway so this kills two birds with one stone. Rather than obtaining special oversized cables, just buy two of each regular length cables and merge them with Easy-Split separators. The separators have O-ring bumpers surrounding the machined aluminum housings so they don’t chatter against the frame tubing.

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